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Annual Reports
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Annual Reports

Annual Reports


First of all, the results. The 2019 figures are an excellent continuation of the preceding year. We saw our revenue grow by 5.3% worldwide, while our net profits were up from 18.0 million euros in 2018 to 19.4 million euros this reporting year. Overall, the country organizations performed admirably. Antea Group Netherlands was, once again, one of the bulwarks of the group. For the third year in a row, the Netherlands achieved its best result ever, with revenue growth of more than 7%.

France and the United States were already on an upward trend in previous years, and this continued in 2019 with increased revenue and profit in both countries. And we can certainly not overlook the results of Antea Group Poland. This newcomer made a positive contribution to the group result in its very first year. Poland also nicely played the role of “stepping stone” to Eastern Europe, enabling us to sink our teeth into our first projects in this part of Europe.

Anual Report 2019


The 2018 figures are an excellent continuation of the preceding year. Our revenue grew by over 5%, while our profits were up from €16 million in 2017 to €18 million. Antea Group Netherlands achieved its best result ever for the second time in a row, with the thousandday plan helping to increase profitability, client focus, capacity for innovation and visibility. Antea Group Belgium also continued the positive trend, improving its result in comparison to 2017.

 Annual report 2018


The results achieved in 2017 are a vindication of the path we have chosen. Our revenue grew by 2.2%, while our net profit was up from 2.3 million (2016) to 16 million euros. I n the Netherlands and Belgium, we posted record profit, making these country organizations the driving forces in our group. Our French operations are clearly on the right track. Where the integration of newly acquired Groupe IRH was off to a difficult start in 2016, we saw our French operations return to profit in 2017, coupled with even better prospects for the future.


Outside Europe, Indian operations remained stable. I n the US A, however, we had a more challenging year. This was mainly due to expiry of the Environmental Liability Transfer (ELT) portfolios, while low oil prices drove down our revenue in the oil and gas segment. It was also a challenging year because we are hard at work on diversifying our services and tapping new markets, to compensate for the above circumstances. Although we are making headway in this respect, it will take time, patience and effort.

Annual Report 2017


Unfortunately, in 2016, we had to discontinue our operations in Colombia as a result of the continuing poor conditions in the oil and gas sector. This resulted in an exceptional one-off negative result that put pressure on the results of the entire group. On the other hand, profit figures in the home countries Belgium and the Netherlands were excellent. Both countries held their market position and were able to continue to diversify their customer portfolios. The Netherlands even managed to improve on the profitability it has achieved in recent years.

Anual Report 2016

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