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Spatial & Urban Planning Services

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Tom D'Haeyer
Tom D'Haeyer Business Development Manager

Expertise and integral plan for your spatial or urban planning projects

Architecture, Design, Landscaping, Planning, Urbanism

Global trends such as climate change, energy transition, growing urbanization, sharing economies and changing mobilities require an appropriate approach in a fast-changing context, taking into account the specific local factors.

Our mission is to help you reach a high-quality living and working environment that facilitates the daily convenience, well-being, safety and activities of local communities and companies.

The designers, architects, landscapers and engineers of Antea Group strive for a spatially qualitative, sustainable, resilient and healthy living environment, with a public space that facilitates interaction and contributes to the collective and individual well-being.

Areas of expertise

  • Regional spatial planning and strategies
  • Smart and sustainable cities
  • Urban transformation
  • Climate adaptation planning
  • Rural area development
  • Industrial or logistic area development
  • Brownfield development
  • Waterfront and harbor development
  • Planning of the underground
  • Building and real estate
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Energy transition
  • Mobility transition
  • Data-driven strategic planning

Benefits for urban developers, local authorities, real state stakeholders, and communities

  • Sustainable and resilient environment
  • Development that meets the requirements of urban densification or climate change
  • Attractive or touristic places
  • Energy efficiency
  • Better mobility
  • Healthy and dynamic living environment

Urban Planning Projects

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Tom D'Haeyer
Tom D'Haeyer Business Development Manager