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Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

Engineering and consulting for Infrastructure

Improving societal development

Roads, railways, airports, ports, pipelines, are essential components of the logistics chain and the economy, allowing the movement of people and goods between different locations. There are many challenges involved in the correct conception, design and operation of infrastructure networks, but there is undoubtedly a common link between all of them: they must be considered as a service to citizens in general and to their users in particular.

As such, we do not only consider the specific requirements of the asset, but also the requirements associated with mobility: safe, clean, efficient and socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

The transport of the future will continue to rely on infrastructure, but utilizing connected relationships with vehicles based on new technologies and communication methods.

Multidisciplinary teams for the entire life cycle of the infrastructure asset

The Antea Group’s multidisciplinary teams can address all areas of specialization, and our understanding of infrastructure as a service enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions covering the entire life cycle of an asset.

Technology and communications in the new relationships between users, vehicles and infrastructure

The possibilities that technology and communications currently offer are allowing the development of a new connectivity between vehicles and infrastructure. This will result in greater efficiency in terms of travel costs and road safety. All of this will be achieved gradually through equipping our infrastructure, but also through the development of vehicles and traffic management systems. Antea Group not only supports highway stakeholders in the design and operation, but also the automotive industry in the development of more autonomous vehicles.

Infrastructure financing models

The traditional public infrastructure financing model has a weakness in that it focuses on the investment stage and does not address the resources required for conservation and maintenance during the life cycle of an asset. The PPP (Public Private Partnership) model is gaining popularity around the world as it does address both the costs and revenues associated with an asset throughout its life span. Antea Group is aware of the needs of public entities, private contractors, construction companies and financing entities, all of which are key actors in making the system sustainable and offering safe and efficient mobility options to users.

Resilient infrastructure adapted to climate change

An infrastructure asset must not only fulfil its function and meet mobility needs, it must also be designed so as to be able to overcome new challenges associated with extreme and changing events generated by climate change. For critical infrastructure, resilience also involves preparing for unforeseen events and acts of terrorism.

Reduced energy consumption is another of the goals to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

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Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

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