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Antea Group Impact Center

Antea Group Impact Center

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Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor Senior Project Manager
Bas Coolsma
Bas Coolsma Senior Manager ESG Sustainability Solutions

A Global Hub for Environmental and Social Impact Business Solutions

The Antea Group Impact Center is a worldwide hub of expertise for identifying, measuring, and managing the environmental and social impacts of local business activities.

We are dedicated to delivering excellence in our work in partnership with colleagues, clients, and partners to enhance their performance and provide robust reporting on sustainability matters.

We established the Impact Center to offer a platform for environmental, health and safety professionals to develop their abilities to identify, measure, and manage ESG Impact.

Why Evaluate Sustainability Matters for Your Business

The ability to evaluate critical sustainability metrics has grown significantly in importance for businesses and their stakeholders. Driven by a myriad of regulations and standards for non-financial reporting, based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. It is widely acknowledged that impact management and measurement offer businesses a structured framework for evaluating their performance and non-financial value. Investors and asset developers are launching ESG investment opportunities that recognize the financial relevance of sustainability aspects in a business case. Additionally, reporting standards such as CSRD ESRS require location-specific impact screening of the asset portfolio, which goes far beyond greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and requires a robust analysis of environmental and human rights impacts.

Our Services

The Impact Center aims to support sustainability professionals in integrating environmental and social issues into their decision-making processes, reducing their impact, and contributing to the company's value and sustainable development.

Location-Based Environmental, Health & Safety Impact screening

Our location-based environmental impact services provide detailed insights into the environmental footprint of your operations. We use advanced geospatial analysis and environmental data to assess the impact of your activities on the local ecosystems. This allows us to identify areas of concern and suggest effective mitigation strategies.

Location-based Context Screening

Our context screening services help you understand the broader environmental context of your operations. We analyze various factors such as local biodiversity, climate conditions, and socio-economic factors to provide a holistic view of your environmental impact. This information can guide your sustainability strategy and help you make informed decisions.

Project Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

These assessments are a key tool for measuring and managing the negative impact of your company's activities on the environment. We help businesses understand the environmental impact of their project-related supply chain, activities or production processes, as well as product or asset lifecycle.

Research and Development

We research and analyze the factors that contribute to environmental and social impact, and provide actionable solutions for businesses to address such impact. Our methodology includes a thorough review of the most up-to-date research papers on the environmental and social impact of various activities, as well as any issues arising from business practices. Recent examples of our research and development topics include PFAS and microplastics.

Training and Knowledge Sharing

We offer training for policymakers, collect and analyze data, produce policy briefs, research work, and standardize best practices. Additionally, we provide advice on strategic planning, decision-making, and execution.

A Global Hub for Environmental and Social Impact Business Solutions


Environmental and Social Impacts: Our Core Competency

Our approach is to support professionals using our expertise to mitigate environmental and social impact.

Impact Identification: Comprehensive location-based impact & context screening to uncover key impact areas.

  • Holistic Assessment: We delve deep into projects, considering environmental, social, and economic dimensions.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Our analytical tools reveal hidden connections and guide impact assessment.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We collaborate with communities, experts, and partners to identify key impact areas

Impact Measurement: Utilizing robust metrics and real-time monitoring for quantifiable results

  • Quantifying Results: We measure impact using robust metrics, aligning with global standards.
  • Lifecycle Analysis: From inception to decommissioning, we track impact across the project lifecycle.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Our systems provide real-time data for informed decision-making.

Impact Management: Strategic interventions for sustained positive outcomes.

  • Strategic Interventions: We design strategies to enhance positive impacts and mitigate risks.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular reviews to ensure adaptive management and course correction.
  • Reporting and Transparency: We share impact data openly, thus fostering trust and accountability.
A Global Hub for Environmental and Social Impact Business Solutions
A Global Hub for Environmental and Social Impact Business Solutions

Driving Excellence in Environmental and Social Impact Management

At Antea Group, we understand the paramount importance of responsibly managing environmental and social impacts in today's business landscape. Here's why entrusting us with this crucial task is a strategic move for your company:

  • Professional Support - We use our knowledge and skills to assist the professionals working with our clients by sharing our expertise.
  • Reliable Screening tools - Facilitating efficient and CSRD-proof impact screenings and evaluations, based on open and controllable sources.
  • Putting Data into Action - Transforming available public and proprietary Environmental, Health, and Safety data into meaningful Impact Measurement.
  • Location-Based Focus – Concentrating on the tangible impact of business activities at specific locations.
  • Asset Lifecycle Knowledge - Harnessing our understanding of the client’s asset lifecycle for informed decisions.

Enhance your organization’s ESG performance

The Antea Group Impact Center is a growing community of experts bringing a shared system of solutions for professionals on the market. Our activities raise awareness, develop solutions, and educate colleagues, clients and practitioners to build capacities and make positive progress.

By working with us you are choosing domain expertise, reliability, and a shared commitment to deliver sustainability solutions. 

Contact us today to enhance your organization’s ESG performance and be part of a global movement towards excellence in sustainable impact.

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Contact us today to enhance your organization’s ESG performance

Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor Senior Project Manager
Bas Coolsma
Bas Coolsma Senior Manager ESG Sustainability Solutions

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