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Environmental Data management



From environmental monitoring and surveys to decision support, our daily engineering and consultancy activities result in the acquisition, management, processing, and analysis of more and more digital data. Over the last decade, the digital transformation of most of our human and industrial activities has drastically accelerated this trend, making digital data management a whole new issue.

In this context, and in order to assist our partners and clients in the management and analysis of their data assets, we have built up and developed a unique expertise covering the entire environmental data value chain. 

A unique expertise on the entire environmental data value chain

There is a wide variety of data in the field of environment, health & safety, infrastructure and urban planning: water / soil / air / structure measurements, historical and spatial data, health and safety indicators, etc.

At Antea Group, our teams having both business and technological skills, we have developed innovative digital services and IT solutions to collect, centralize, manage, visualize, analyze, model, and disseminate environmental data. By combining our traditional scientific and technical business expertise with new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, we are also developing solutions to meet the challenges of environmental big data.

More than ever, our ambition is to turn all this into factors that differentiate our engineering expertise, the proof of our capacity to address and meet the needs of our clients, with solutions that are ever more sustainable, optimized, secure and adapted. 

Thank to this unique expertise, we are already supporting governmental organizations in charge of environmental management, many public institutions and municipalities, as well as industrial companies in the food & beverage, automotive, and energy sectors, in the creation and management of their data assets.

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