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Air Emission Measurements and Checks - France

Air Emission Measurements and Checks - France

Regulatory Checks of Atmospheric Emissions

In application of the regulations concerning Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment, IRH Ingénieur Conseil was called upon by the DREAL to carry out an audit of atmospheric emissions.


The audit has 2 separate phases:

  1. The random audits of atmospheric emissions generated by the incineration line compared to the prefectoral order and ministerial order covering the industrial site.

Measured parameters: gas flow, moisture, O2, CO, CO2, NOx, total VOC, Dust, HCl, SO2, HF, total metals, Hg, NH3, PCDD/PCDF.

  1. The half yearly check of atmospheric emissions and the verification of the continuous analyzers present on the incineration line discharge using the QAL2 procedure: 
  • Completion of operational tests (alignment and cleanliness, documentation and records, fitness for purpose, leak tests, zero and sensitivity check) 
  • Parameter inter-calibration tests (flow rate, moisture, O2, CO, Dust, NOx, total VOC, SO2, HCl and NH3, etc.) 

For each intervention, our teams drew up a report detailing the results of the checks carried out compared to applicable regulations.


Prior to measuring pollutants, our teams checked the compliance of the measurement section according to the NF EN 15259 standard (“Air quality - Measurement of emissions from static sources - Requirements concerning sections and measuring sites and relative to the objective, the plan and the measuring report”) criteria.

In the case of this homogeneous emission as defined by the GAX 43-551 guide for continuous gas analysis, the measurement was taken at a single location, whereas for manual measuring methods, a mesh of the measurement section was used.

For the manual measurements, 3 determinations of each parameter subject to approval were carried out (if previous results > 20 % of the ELV - Emission Limit Value), or 1 determination (if previous results < 20 % of the ELV and for PCDD/PCDF).

For gas measurements using the automatic method) 3 determinations of each parameter subject to approval were carried out.

IRH Ingénieur Conseil regularly checks the different continuous emissions analyzers using the QAL2 or AST procedures described by the NF EN 14181 standard. It defines the quality assurance levels (QAL) for automatic measuring systems (AMS) installed on gas emitters.

Regulatory Checks of Atmospheric Emissions

The control of air quality in the environment requires having reliable and updated measurement data for gas emissions by industrial installations

Jacques Ribes
Project Manager

Key Figures

  • 800 mm measurement section diameter
  • 36 analyses emission check
  • 5 separate analyzers checked
  • 162 analyses QAL2 procedure

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