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Electric Interconnection Line between Guinea and Mali

Electric Interconnection Line between Guinea and Mali

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Philippe Cleyet-Merle
Philippe Cleyet-Merle Deputy International Director

Study of the Route and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the 225 kV Line between Nzerekore in Guinea and Bamako in Mali

This interconnection line project is a high priority that will make it possible to have a stable electric connection between the Nzerekore (Guinea) and Bamako (Mali) stations.

This project has strategic importance for the WAPP (West African Power Pool) which aims to create a regional electricity market in West Africa by developing key infrastructure projects that favor electricity exchanges at the sub-regional level.


The project challenges:

  • 920 km of linear infrastructure;
  • Impact on varied environments: savanna, forest, wet zones;
  • Two applicable national regulations;
  • Compliance with international standards (African Development Bank, World Bank, IFC - International Finance Corporation).


Corridor route study:

  • Study of the corridors and determination of the route with the least impact
  • Detailed survey and detailed topographic study of the line route
  • Drafting and preparation of cartography atlases


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA):

  • Identification and assessment of potential environmental impacts
  • Identification of workaround, reduction and compensation measures
  • Public inquiries
  • Preparation of an environmental and social management plan (ESMP)
  • Support to the client to obtain the regulatory authorizations
  • Strengthening of capacities by transfer of technological know-how
  • Action plan to reassign populations

Key Figures

  • 920 km of linear infrastructure
  • 2 national regulations

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Philippe Cleyet-Merle
Philippe Cleyet-Merle Deputy International Director

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