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Environmental Rehabilitation of the Port of Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo

Environmental Rehabilitation of the Port of Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo

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Philippe Cleyet-Merle
Philippe Cleyet-Merle Deputy International Director

Assistance for rehabilitation and cleaning works on the port infrastructure and update of Environmental Management System

Some dredging works to deepen the sea accesses to the Port of Pointe-Noire, called Port Autonome de Pointe Noire (PAPN), generated accidental pollution during the dredging of the port sand which raised heavy hydrocarbons (bitumen).

This incident caused the deterioration of the port infrastructure (docks, jetties) and the creation of a temporary storage zone for the bituminous sands collected by the emergency intervention teams. 


Antea Group support covered the following aspects:

  • The management of the products from the accidental pollution (bituminous sands) requiring the creation of a hazardous waste containment cell in a sensitive environment (saltwater intrusion and marine environment close by); 
  • The inclusion of that risk in the Port Environmental Management System (EMS).



Technical assistance to harbor authority for soil remediation works:

  • Monthly monitoring of decontamination works progress (volume monitoring and analytical monitoring);
  • Site and works document checks ;
  • Technical support for the sizing of the containment cell for the hazardous waste from the decontamination works, and building works monitoring;
  • Preparation of the Environmental and Social Impact Notice for the rehabilitation activities; organization of the required public inquiries and social-economic surveys and presentation of the case to the competent authorities;
  • Works acceptance.

Update of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for dredging activities:

  • Regulatory benchmarking of the management of sediments from dredging activities;
  • Reinforcement of dredging activity management provisions to improve the project’s environmental and social performances;
  • Drawing up of the environmental and social monitoring and surveillance program for dredging activities.

Key Figures

  • 100,000 m3 of bituminous sand screened to separate solid pollutants
  • 1,500 m3 Liming and cleaning of the bituminous product pools
  • 22,201 metric tons Storage of hazardous waste in the containment cell
  • 3,130 m Cleaning of port infrastructure (docks, jetties) and the coastline (rock filling)

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Philippe Cleyet-Merle
Philippe Cleyet-Merle Deputy International Director

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