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Deepening and widening the Swinoujscie - Szczecin fairway, Poland

Deepening and widening the Swinoujscie - Szczecin fairway, Poland

Modernisation of the Swinoujscie – Szczecin fairway to a depth of 12.5 m

Design and execution of construction and dredging works as part of the Modernisation of the Swinoujscie – Szczecin fairway to a Depth of 12.5 m” consists of  widening the current channel to a minimum of 100 m and deepening it to a depth of 12.5 m  along with the :

  • reconstruction of the shoreline slopes without fortifications
  • bottom leveling in the Swinoujście zone
  • construction and reconstruction of bank fortifications and hydrotechnical structures together with the adjacent infrastructure
  • deepening and widening the turntables for ships and construction of additional hydrotechnical structures

The project was completed in cooperation with Partners - International Marines and Dredging Consultants and Projmors Designing Office For Maritime Structures Company Limited.


The aim of the project was to improve the competitiveness and increase the participation of Polish ports in handling maritime traffic through:

  • elimination of existing restrictions on traffic capacity and improving the navigation of sea vessels
  • improving the functional and technical condition of objects included in the Navigation Labelling Database
  • deepening the fairway along with simultaneous extension, construction and modernization of hydrotechnical equipment
  • reducing the cost of cargo transportation by sea

Scope of work

The role of the Contract Engineer's team was:

  • to support the Client during the selection procedure of the General Contractor of Investment
  • to prepare the organizational preparation of the investment in the scope of the Client's responsibilities, including conducting coordination meetings with the General Contractor and other meetings related to the Investment
  • to control and supervise the construction of installations on behalf of the Client
  • appointing a group of industry inspectors of Investor's Supervision and exercising supervision with increased diligence over the execution of the construction by the General Contractor in accordance with the terms of the decision on the building permit and the requirements of the Construction Law Act and in accordance with the provisions of  Polish law and technical standards,
  • Control and verification of technical documentation (e.g. executive projects) and documents such as notes, protocols, reports, etc.


  • 12,5 m new fairway depth
  • approx. 62 km length
  • up to 100 m width at the bottom
  • approx. 11 m allowed draught

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