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New road network in Valle del Cauca, Colombia

New road network in Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Comprehensive technical, administrative, social, land, environmental, financial, accounting and legal definition of the public initiative PPP

The Government of Colombia has defined five growth-driving sectors, one of which is transport infrastructure, as a development strategy to enable the country to embark on a period of high economic growth based on innovation and nurtured by productivity and competitiveness.

The Government is currently engaged in a process of institutional reinforcement that seeks to drive the development of these infrastructures by means of public-private partnerships as part of the transport infrastructure development strategy urgently required to enhance the country's connectivity and to meet the challenges of implementing the free trade agreements under negotiation and those about to enter into force.


The contract encompasses comprehensive articulation of approximately 760 km of roads in all its aspects (technical, administrative, social, land ownership-related, environmental, financial, accounting and legal) and the concession-based procurement process which will involve drafting the requests for proposals and providing promotion and support during the tendering process.

This contract originates in the Court of Arbitration Ruling dated 26 November 2016 that overturned the concession contract 005 of 1999 for this corridor and therefore generated the need to articulate a project that will encompass the roadway corridors governed by said concession contract but also new corridors that will improve the travel times and costs between the central and western regions of the country.

Provided Services

Consorcio Estructuración ICEACSA Grupo - BONUS was selected by the National Infrastructure Agency to conduct specialised audit and monitor compliance with the consultancy contract resulting from procurement process number VJ-VE-CM-006-2017 “SPECIALISED AUDIT AND INSPECTION FOR THE ANALYSIS, REVIEW AND EVALUATION OF THE STUDIES AND DESIGNS PERFORMED FOR THE NEW ROAD NETWORK PROJECT IN THE VALLE DEL CAUCA.”

Said consultancy includes drafting the Feasibility Study of the works under the PPP, defining the project as a PPP, and assisting with the PPP tendering process.

Key Figures

  • 760 km road length
  • 500 M USD Investment budget
  • Inter-city state highway

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