ICEACSA Mexico was awarded by the Highways Board of the State of Mexico the integral structuring assessments  - technical, legal, and economic feasibility - for the implementation of the PPP project that aims to renew and maintain 82 highways with 1,637kms total length.

Designated by the Highways Board of the State of Mexico, ICEACSA Mexico performed the structuring assessments to implement the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) project that aims to renew and maintain the state's toll-free road network.  With a length of 1,637.8 kilometers, the network currently covers the areas of Tejupilco, Ixtapan de la Sal, and Toluca. The performed assessments included the analysis of technical, legal, and economic-financial feasibility.

The project defined the road structural and surface works  in accordance with their characteristics, current conditions, traffic, and importance within the network. Besides, it stated the necessary maintenance operations to keep the roads in good condition depending on their category.

A preventive management plan was established over 12 years to reach the objectives of the project. It is supported by thirteen performance standards that are associated with the conditions that the roads must achieve and sustain. At the end of the project, customer service will improve by different aspects: shorter travel times, lower operating costs, and lower environmental costs.

In August 2020, the Highways Board of the State of Mexico awarded the PPP Contract to the VISE-Impulsora Consortium for infrastructure solutions, by culminating the bidding process that began last March.