Unihorn India is set to officially adopt the name Antea Group. The Indian engineering and consultancy firm, which was established in 1987, has been affiliated with Antea Group since 2013. This name change will allow the international engineering and consultancy firm to enhance its presence on the fast-growing Indian market.

Plenty of Opportunities

“It’s a great moment for Antea Group,” says CEO Rob van Dongen. “We see plenty of opportunities in India in terms of infrastructure, environment, urban development, and water. The demand for high-quality engineering expertise is growing rapidly. We are interesting for many parties because of our ability to link our global expertise to the local market, with its specific issues and challenges. Under the Antea Group brand, we can now establish a reputation as a high-quality engineering company with worldwide connections in India as well.” 

New Headquarters

The name change coincides with the professionalization of the Indian branch of Antea Group. The organization is moving into new headquarters in the city of Gurugram, close to New Delhi. Now, in addition to Europe, South America and North America, Antea Group is also officially established in Asia.

Antea Group India employs 150 engineers and consultants and specializes in the infrastructure, environment, urban development, and water sectors. Antea Group India offers high-quality services for the development of water projects, highways, bridges, and airports. The firm carries out projects for the public sector as well as businesses throughout India.