Antea Group will organize the 3rd edition of its Innovation Awards in Orléans, France. The international Innovation Awards aims to promote innovation within the group and to share worldwide the new products and services.

OrléansJune 11, 2019 - On June 12-13, Antea Group will organize the 3rd edition of its Innovation Awards in Orléans, France. During the event, the engineering and consultancy firm will confirm international partnerships with respectively the French geological survey BRGM and the University of Orléans. It will also be the opportunity to celebrate the creation of the ‘Innovation Hub’ of Antea Group, located in the French city.

Antea Group has set international cooperation and innovation as key drivers of the growth for the coming years. The organization of the 3rd edition of Antea Group Innovation Awards on June 12-13 in France will be the clear demonstration.

International Innovation Awards

In 2018, Antea Group decided to create the Innovation Hub of the group in Orléans. Thanks to this hub, know-how, new technologies, and innovative best practices are brought all together to boost the company’s competitiveness with innovative solutions for environmental data management and digital services.

Scientific & Industrial Partnerships with BRGM and University of Orléans

With the presence of François Bonneau, President of the Centre-Val de Loire French Region and Olivier Carré, Mayor of Orleans City & President of Orleans Metropole, Antea Group will sign two major agreements during the event. The partnership with the University of Orléans will include the design of joint international programs as well as the involvement of students in specific R&D projects.  Another Scientific & Industrial partnership will be signed with BRGM, the French geological survey. These two agreements will enable to intensively cooperate in the field of innovation.