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Drinking water supply system in Niamey, Niger

Drinking water supply system in Niamey, Niger

Boosting the drinking water supply system in the city of Niamey

Niamey, the capital of Niger, is a rapidly developing city and demand in drinking water is growing. Currently, the city’s production capacity covers 80% of inhabitant needs. The Niger Republic government has therefore launched a project to boost Niamey’s drinking water supply system.  The Project Owner is SPEN (Société du Patrimoine des Eaux du Niger) and infrastructure has been valued at 74.5 million euros.


The project includes:

  • expanding the Goudel treatment plant (current capacity of 85,000m3/day), with a new treatment process that will ensure an additional supply of 40,000m3/day
  • constructing 3 new reservoirs,
  • extending the distribution network by around 260km of pipes
  • creating 15,700 individual connections for vulnerable populations and 180 standpipes.

The Antea Group-Beria consortium has been awarded a technical assistance mission by SPEN to support the Project Owner in works to boost the Niamey drinking water supply system.


Antea Group’s mission includes providing technical and logistical support to SPEN through coordination and follow-up services in both the study phase and the execution phase, as well carrying out an assessment and implementing a training and actions program to boost the SPEN’s competencies.

The project’s main challenges are related to the multitude of partners (4 co-financing bodies) as well as to the volume and diversity of the works to be conducted.

The project is financed by the Dutch office, (through a public infrastructure development program, ORIO), the French Development Agency (AFD), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Belgian Investment Fund for Export (FINEXPO).

This project will improve the quality of the drinking water services for nearly one million people already connected to the Niamey network and will provide access to drinking water to nearly 200,000 additional persons.

Key Figures

  • 3 years Project duration
  • 74.5 M€ of technical assistance
  • € 506,000 Amount for services

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