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Industrial water treatment

Industrial water treatment

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Philippe Cleyet-Merle
Philippe Cleyet-Merle Deputy International Director

Industrial water treatment

Acquired over several decades and recognized by many organizations, our expertise guarantees customized assistance enabling you to associate your regulatory requirements with your industrial challenges and needs. Our services enable you to manage technical, economic and regulatory issues on topics related to the water management of your industrial site.

We can assist you in:

  • Managing resources
  • Managing processes
  • Managing emissions 

Managing resources: Assessments

Our services include the characterization of water resources, studies on resource alternatives, water quality improvement, the definition of process treatment, construction/redevelopment of facilities. The first stage generally consists in an assessment of facilities:

  • Audit and assessment of drinking water and industrial water treatment facilities.
  • Physico-chemical and bacteriological sampling and analysis.
  • Audit of the in-plant distribution network (metering architecture, hydraulic sizing, detection of unused sections, etc.).

Assessment of network sanitary protection (efficient disinfection operations, risks of legionella, etc.)

Managing resources: Tests

We carry out testing in order to define the most suitable treatment for a water type and its variability. These tests contribute in defining the best technical-economic solutions. These are conducted in two ways:

  • Laboratory treatability tests:

Treatment feasibility testing in a laboratory (coagulation, flocculation, sand filtration, membrane separation (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ozone treatment, UV disinfection, chlorination, activated carbon adsorption, etc.)

  • Pilot tests:
    • Physico-chemical or biological iron removal, manganese removal on dual layer filters.
    • Arsenic treatment.
    • Sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resins.
    • Membrane filtration.

Managing resources: Sizing

We size treatment facilities according to: the results obtained during trials, the profession’s practices, our operational feedback from similar facilities:

  • Facility design and sizing:
    • Feasibility study - project studies.
    • Assistance to project owner / project supervision services
    • Turnkey solutions (arsenic treatment, biological iron removal, etc.)
  • Establishment of administrative files
    • Water regulations
    • Environmental permitting
    • Impact studies

Managing processes -Mapping

Our services consist in evaluating water requirements and consumption, adjusting resources to the process, reducing water consumption, preventing hot water discharge, energy management and recovery. A first step consists in mapping the activity’s water cycle:

  • Mapping water consumption and discharges:
    • Metering and recording of consumption item per item.
    • Measuring and recording discharge flow rates per unit/process.
    • Establishing a functional diagram on a plant’s water use.
  • Mapping pollution:
    • Implementation of a sampling and analysis systems.
    • Establishment of specific pollution coefficients per product and per work station.
    • Creation of conceptual diagram of polluting flux in a plant.
Industrial water treatment
Industrial water treatment

Managing processes - Energy efficiency

  • Energy audits:
    • Global energy assessment of an industrial site
    • Heat balance of a specific process element
    • Program to increase energy efficiency
  • Designing and sizing cooling systems:
    • Calculation of heat output to be removed
    • Cooling techniques study
    • Preliminary design
    • Assessment of solution costs and advantages

Managing processes - Sizing and optimization

We size facilities that are necessary for optimizing your processes. We pay special attention in finding solutions that reduce source pollution.

  • Designing and sizing stormwater and fire-fighting wastewater networks:
    • Network, storage and pumping unit sizing.
    • Site limits study
  • Assistance in improving performance:
    • BAT audit
    • Water recycling and reuse solutions
    • Limiting raw material losses
    • Energy recovery studies (recovery of unavoidable energy loss, biogas, cogeneration, heat exchangers, etc.)

Managing discharges - Audits

Our services focus on: ensuring that discharges are compliant, that polluting discharges are managed and reduced, environmental impacts are evaluated and reduced, sludge from wastewater treatment is recovered, treated water is recycled and reused, stormwater and fire-fighting wastewater discharges are managed, and on building and/or redeveloping facilities.

  • Auditing wastewater systems:
    • Pollution assessment - discharge characterization
    • Wastewater network maintenance
    • Network plan updating
    • Industrial wastewater treatment plant assessment
    • Sanitary wastewater system assessment (network, septic tanks, treatment plants)
    • Compliance audits (BAT, BREF)
  • Site discharge management master plans:
    • Hydraulic study of site stormwater management - Evaluation of retention requirements
    • Fire-fighting wastewater management study
    • Compliance of collection and outlet networks
    • Effluent treatment solutions study

Managing discharges - Tests

We carry out testing to define the most suitable treatment for the type of water and its variability. These tests contribute in defining the best technical-economic solution. These are conducted in two ways:

  • Laboratory treatment tests (physical-chemical, biological, oxidation, etc.)
  • On-site pilot tests (physical-chemical, biological, filtration, adsorption, membrane, etc.)

Furthermore, we can make temporary mobile treatment units available to our clients.

Managing processes - Sizing and providing assistance

This involves designing an industrial discharge treatment facility, helping you to improve your environmental footprint and supporting you with administrative procedures.

  • Designing and sizing treatment facilities:
    • Feasibility study - project study.
    • Assistance to project owner / project supervision services
    • Turnkey solutions (physical-chemical treatment, membrane bioreactor, stripping, etc.)
  • Support in implementing your sustainable development policy:
    • “Zero discharge” studies
    • Aqueous discharge impact studies
    • Drafting of technical content in discharge agreements
    • Support in regards to French County Sanitary, Technological and Environmental Risk Authorities (CODERST) procedures
    • Micropollutant reduction plan
    • Wastewater treatment sludge recovery study
    • Treated water recycling and reuse studies
    • Stormwater reuse

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Philippe Cleyet-Merle
Philippe Cleyet-Merle Deputy International Director

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