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Antea Group has been awarded for performing the studies for the existing water treatment plant of N’Djili and the rehabilitation and construction of some drinking water tanks.

Antea Group has been awarded for performing the studies for the existing water treatment plant of N’Djili and the rehabilitation and construction of some drinking water tanks.

N’Djili, drinking water treatment plant rehabilitation in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

REGIDESO SA is a commercial company that develops and manages the production, distribution, and commercialization of drinking water in 97 urban centers of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has started a recovery program supported by the World Bank who has addressed the primary investment to three main centers, including Kinshasa. These centers are susceptible to generate additional resources that are essential to the financial balance of REGIDESO SA.

The IDA (International Development Association) has also given a grant to the Democratic Republic of Congo's government as additional financing for the Urban Drinking Water Supply Project.


The development objectives of this project are:

  • To sustainably increase the access to drinking water in three main target cities: Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, and Matadi, as well as the Kindu city
  • To improve the efficiency of REGIDESO by reducing water losses and increasing its productivity with the aim to improve its financial situation.

Under this context, our mission concerns the assessment for the rehabilitation of the N’Djili water treatment plant, connected networks and storage. Furthermore, three drinking storage tanks will be built in Gombele, Djelo Binza, and Kisenso.

Provided Services by Antea Group

Phase 1: Detailed and complete diagnosis of structures, installations, and equipments which includes: collection & analysis of available documents and inspection of existing structures.

The diagnosis includes :

  • All infrastructures and equipments (hydraulic, civil, electrical, electromecanical, etc.) for modules 1, 2, and 3 of the N’djili station (110,000m3/day each module).
  • Networks downstream the Djelo Benza drinking water storage (secondary).
  • Existing drinking water storage in Gombele (1000m3)
  • Secondary and tertiary networks downstream the Kisenso drinking water storage.

Phase 2: Detailed design studies for the following infrastructures:

  • Rehabilitation of the three modules of the N’djili water treatment station (110,000m3/day, each module)
  • Rehabilitation of the existing Gombele reservoir (1000m3) (with access road and pumping station);
  • Rehabilitation of the existing networks (Kisenso and Djelo Benza);
  • Construction of a new semi-underground reservoir in Kisenso (7000m3) and pumping station;
  • Construction of a new water tower in Kisenso (700m3);
  • Construction of a new semi-underground reservoir at Djelo Binza (5000m3);
  • Construction of a new water tower in Djelo Binza (750m3)

This phase of the project includes topographic surveys, geotechnical surveys, energy supply to the infrastructures, detailed design, costs evaluation of the works, allotment of the works and provisional works schedule.

Phase 3: Tenders documents for the works: rehabilitation of the existing infrastructures and construction of the new drinking water storages.

Key Figures

  • 500 M€
  • 3 Main cities involved
  • 2 New drinking water storage
  • 2 New water towers


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