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Supporting your air pollution compliance.

Air quality consulting

Supporting your air pollution compliance.

Air quality regulations are complex and constantly evolving. New as well as established companies need to evaluate their operations to determine applicability of the air quality regulations to their operations. Failure to do so can be costly and potentially interrupt business for indeterminable amounts of time resulting in a significant impact to a company's bottom line.

Antea Group can assist you with all your air / odor / health issues in regards to both ambient air and atmospheric emissions as well as environmental impacts. Whether this be in regards to regulations or a spontaneous initiative, in the design phase or during operations, our physical-chemical, biological or olfactory studies and measurement experts are there to help you. Our expertise can be applied to local authorities, industrials and private clients.

The need to protect air quality, a recent awakening of society

The processes of eco-industries and industries as well soil decontamination generate numerous related atmospheric pollutants such as particles, NOx, SOx, volatile organic compounds (VOC), heavy metals, dioxins and furans (PCDD-DF). These have repercussions on both the health of workers and the environment. They can also cause health and/olfactory risks for nearby residents. This situation has meant that increasingly stringent regulations and the use of gas treatment technologies have to be implemented. Antea Group’s air/odor/health experts take into account industrial processes and the requirements to comply with regulations (work place and emissions), carry out impact assessments and implement monitoring systems.

Our commitment to helping clients navigate the regulatory environment has been consistently successful and we always look to embrace innovation. Whether you are a new company seeking an evaluation of applicability or a well-established company looking to improve existing compliance systems, we’re here to help.

Odor management plan

According to local and national regulations it may be recommended, even compulsory, for some business sectors or industries to reduce and even prevent the release of odors. Antea Group can help you to implement a global odor management plan within an environmental management system, through suitable controls and managed and costed mitigation and remediation measures.

Environment - Air quality - Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculation and Reporting
Supporting your air pollution compliance.

Air / Odor / Health Expertise and Services


  • Worker exposure and indoor air quality
  • Control of atmospheric releases
  • Olfactory and physical-chemical measurements
  • Aeraulic assessment

Impact studies:

  • Olfactory conditions
  • 2D and 3D modeling (air, odor)

Studies and expertise:

  • Examination of local regulatory requirements, compliance study
  • Solvent management plan
  • Technico-economic remediation study

Air/odor monitoring:

  • Installation of a passive sensor and pipe network
  • Implementation of an odor monitoring unit
  • Deployment of monitoring software

Strategic support and training

  • Air/odor regulations and measurements
  • Odor management plan

Air Quality Projects

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