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Soil remediation Services

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Scott Recker
Scott Recker Senior Consultant

Blending technology, cost management, and innovation

Antea Group understands the environmental and health risks posed by contaminated soil and groundwater. We also understand that how a company evaluates, manages, and resolves these risks affects its reputation, financial performance, and competitive advantage.

We have specialized experience in site investigation and remediation including innovative data collection and visualization, advanced environmental remediation decision making, cost modeling, decision analysis, and stakeholder communication to help you:

  • Evaluate risks
  • Identify and reduce uncertainty
  • Enhance efficiencies in the decision-making process
  • Put numbers to hard-to-quantify business drivers 

Combining innovation with engineering excellence

We help simulate the full range of possibilities on your projects, ensuring optimal decision-making for your business.

Whether you face contamination impacts resulting from historic site operations or from recent release incidents for acquisitions, Antea Group’s team and toolbox can reduce your legacy liability, through agency closure or innovative strategies.

By combining innovation with engineering excellence, our industry leading remediation technologies are designed to effectively and safely treat impacted soil and groundwater, accelerating clean-up and reducing operational costs.

Antea Group has over 30 years of proven experience achieving site closure by providing sustainable strategies for soil and groundwater remediation challenges. We have designed, specified, installed, operated, and decommissioned thousands of remedial solutions for automotive, chemical, energy, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical, and transportation sector clients.

Blending technology, cost management, and innovation
Blending technology, cost management, and innovation

Industries expertise

We are a leader in petroleum, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, and metals remediation due to our comprehensive understanding of industry operations, client-dedicated project teams, local regulatory knowledge and cost-effective, yet technically innovative solutions.

Setting us apart from our competitors, we adhere to a formal engineering assurance process that ensures a consistent level of engineering competence to each environmental remediation project, provides audit and review structure, and reduces potential for engineering error.

Environmental site investigation and remediation services

  • Air sparging
  • Capping
  • Dual phase extraction
  • Enhanced fluid recovery
  • Groundwater pump & treat
  • In-situ bioremediation (ISB): aerobic and anaerobic
  • In-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO)
  • LNAPL recovery
  • Monitored natural attenuation (MNA)
  • Soil fixation and stabilization
  • Soil vapor extraction (SVE)
  • Vapor intrusion mitigation
  • Carbon-based amendment injection
  • Surfactant flushing
  • In situ chemical reduction (ISCR)
  • Enhanced desorption
  • Phytoremediation
  • In situ thermal

Soil Remediation Projects

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Scott Recker
Scott Recker Senior Consultant

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