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Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director


Worldwide air traffic is likely to grow at double the rate of the global economy. Airport contractors and operators must meet the challenges of increasing air traffic through the sustainable development of their activities. The Antea Group supports airports with handling these issues and their impacts. Our approach is based on a proven methodology:

  • - Understand the issues
  • - Conserve resources
  • - Limit the impacts

Airport Infrastructure: airfields and landfields

The life cycle of an airport starts with the master plan and the detailed designs. Airports require all aspects of runway design to be considered: paving, signalling, drainage. Designing passenger terminals requires a multidisciplinary approach in which efficiency is the most important. Design work will also include the auxiliary buildings and aircraft hangars, as well as road accesses.

Energy efficiency

The Antea Group can provide new mobility models to airport operators to a new mobility model through a number of actions.

  • The installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, which are ideal for airports as they make very short trips and are stationary long enough to be recharged.
  • Energy efficiency reviews for facilities using audits and other diagnostic tools.
  • Surveys on the implementation, integration and development of renewable energy generation systems for airports.

Surveys to help airport managers reduce their carbon footprint and to analyse the degree of effort undertaken by them in the fight against climate change.

Surface water and process water

Ubiquitous water shortages in many areas in which airports are located, mean that managers must be aware of the importance of saving water.

Antea can assist airport managers with strategic plans, studies and designs for water management at airports:

  • Management plan
  • Modelling & design
  • Drainage of runways, taxiways and buildings
  • Treatment of storm water & anti-freeze water
  • Water infrastructure
  • Water quality control

Geotechnics for airports

Airports are critical infrastructure assets and must be resilient to phenomena such as earthquakes. Similarly, deformation and resistance conditions for the ground on which airports are built require special treatment operations in order to comply with the strict uniformity and stability criteria for airport infrastructure and buildings. Antea can help its clients with studies such as:

  • Ground improvement
  • Underground cavities
  • Soil liquefaction
  • Seismic risks
  • Structural diagnostics

Environmental management

Mandatory regulatory requirements and environmental standards that airport managers decide to adopt on a voluntarily basis require environmental management systems to be developed. Antea can help mangers to achieve these objectives through services such as:

  • Due diligence
  • Environmental plans
  • Environmental & social impact assessments
  • Permitting
  • Contamination diagnostics
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Waste recycling


Airports Projects

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Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

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