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Roads and highways

Roads and highways

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Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

The smartest route to the right road design

Adding a new road to the network or reconstructing an existing one is a demanding task. A road is all about mobility and safety. It’s also about the interaction between the local community, the environment, users and operators. In Antea Group you’ll find a partner who feels right at home in this field, a partner who knows how you can bring road construction projects to a satisfying conclusion.

Rebuilding a road in the center of a town or city, widening a section of road that transverses an area of peatland, upgrading a highway or a provincial road: every road construction project requires a specific approach. Whether you come to us on behalf of national infrastructure authority, a province, a contractor or water board, we are a partner who understands your challenge. We will guide you step by step – from design to contracting, realization and management and everything in between – leading you to a solution that is widely supported.

Keeping road construction projects on track

Whether you have been engaged to build a new road, make the road safer, or improve the traffic flow on a particular section of the road, no matter how “open” your road project is, our project managers will keep it moving along smoothly. They oversee the entire project; they know which steps you need to take, how to compile support for your plans, and how to connect stakeholders and interests. And they have experience in managing multidisciplinary teams and know how to effectively proceed through essential processes.

The right specialist at every stage

Soil and subsoil, nature and water, local residents and users: these all have a bearing on your project. It is good to know that we have the best specialists in all those areas, so that when you invite us to the table you know we’ll arrive with the knowledge you need. In addition to our specialists in the area of geotechnics, transport and mobility and ecology, we have designers, cost estimators, contract consultants and BIM modelers.

Road design for road integration and reconstruction

There’s nothing as unpredictable as a road design project, especially where this concerns the reconstruction or integration of a road. You have to take into account input from specialists who add their specific knowledge, as well as that from steering groups, advisory groups and user groups. Interfaces, last minute requirements – one small design change can have major consequences. The trick is to recognize the risks and opportunities and then, by identifying and applying the right solutions, keep the design on track.

The smartest route to the right road design
The smartest route to the right road design

Designing in the context of a road

You will see that this is exactly where the strength of our design specialists lies. They are able to guide you to the right solution based on your challenge, ambition and budget. They not only look at the technical side of the story, but also at the “context” of a road. What is the objective, what interactions are there, and how do you ultimately arrive at the optimum compromise? Naturally, we apply the latest insights and tools to optimize designs and the process involved. You can engage us for:

  • Design of national roads and highways
  • Design of urban infrastructure
  • Design of provincial roads
  • Design of project phases
  • Design management
  • Support in stakeholder management
  • Advice and support in 3D design and BIM

New concepts

The increasing popularity of the electric bike, the ongoing development of the self-driving vehicle – our means of transport is changing. This has consequences for the design, reconstruction and integration of roads. We are experts who know how to translate these concepts into concrete plans for roads and cycle paths. And we use the latest technologies and approaches to work smarter and to effectively demonstrate the quality of the design. A few examples are parametric design, virutal reality, augmented reality applications and our 6D driving simulator. 

Roads and Highways Projects

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Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

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