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Structures Consulting

Structures Consulting

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Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

Knowledge partner for the entire life cycle

Whether a project concerns integration, renewal or maintenance of civil structures, it will require a customized approach, an approach that not only considers the technical aspects, but also how the object interfaces with its environment. Joining forces with a partner who has all the necessary knowledge in house is a great advantage. And at Antea Group you’ll find just that: we have designers, design engineers and industrial inspectors, as well as specialists in geotechnics, hydraulic engineering and ecology, not to mention the professionals who know how to set up and manage projects. Thanks to our versatility, you are assured of consistent plans and efficient processes.

Civil structure projects from start to finish

We are not just strong in certain aspects: our specialty is managing civil structure projects from start to finish and everything in between. Our project managers oversee the entire project; they know which steps you need to take, how to build support for your plans, and how to connect stakeholders and interests. They are adept at organizing projects in such a way that these stay on budget and on schedule. Thanks to our insight and foresight, open communication and expert management, we ensure that you get the most out of your project.

In our approach, we apply the latest insights and work with state-of-the-art tools, like our 3D Virtual Design Center, BIM solutions and the use of virtual and augmented reality.

Besides, when you partner with Antea Group, you choose a consultancy that sets the bar high when it comes to quality, safety and protecting the environment.Sustainability and circularity are standard elements in our design process, and we also make space in this process for effects relating to climate adaptation and the energy transition.

Movable bridge designs

Whether you need a preliminary design, final design or detailed design, you will find the most experienced industrial designers in the field of movable bridges in the Netherlands. They have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge when it comes to the various disciplines involved in movable bridges, from the superstructure and drive mechanism to operation and control. Thanks to their practical and theoretical knowledge, you can be assured that the design will be economically optimal and technically sound

It is often necessary to reassess the operating mechanisms of existing movable bridges in order to assure safety and determine the residual service life of the particular bridge. Together with Delft University of Technology, we are researching the dynamic behavior of bridge operating mechanisms. Thanks to this research, we are able to offer you in-depth knowledge of dynamics, service life and standards and, based on this, demonstrate the safety of bridges and their operating mechanisms and reduce the need for additional measures.

Knowledge partner for the entire life cycle
Knowledge partner for the entire life cycle

Stationary concrete bridges and viaducts

In all design phases, from preliminary and final to the detailed design, with us you will find designers and design engineers who have made stationary concrete bridges and viaducts their specialism. They offer you in-depth knowledge of the design and engineering of foundations, substructures and load-carrying structures. Thanks to our practical and theoretical knowledge, we ensure a design that is economically optimal and technically sound.

It’s reassuring to know that with Antea Group you are choosing a partner who continuously improves. We use new technologies and methods to devise excellent, comprehensive designs, manage interfaces, improve collaboration and monitor progress.

For many concrete bridges and viaducts, it is not known to what extent they meet current requirements and standards. Our design engineers carry out recalculations of the data relating to your existing infrastructure asset portfolio. To do this in an efficient and effective manner, our advisors coordinate the strategy with you, and we provide well considered advice to assure you of the structural integrity.



Through traffic on the road and rails and limited construction space means that the construction of a rail underpass must meet strict requirements. Building these underpasses therefore requires specialist knowledge, both of civil engineering and of working on and adjacent to the tracks. You also need a thorough understanding of the related procedures, guidelines and regulations. Antea Group is a partner who adds value to every phase of an underpass project.

  • Civil and mechanical and engineering design (preliminary, final and detailed design)
  • Drawing up the specifications or a “UAV-GC contract”, assessing bids
  • Carrying out a flora and fauna, waterbed and soil survey
  • Carrying out a RAMS analysis
  • Cable and pipes survey
  • Permits
  • Contract and construction management
  • Inspections

You can call on us to handle certain parts of your project, though we can also take care of the whole package, from drawing board to build and everything in between. This means that throughout the entire construction or management process, you have only one partner at your side, a partner who will ensure smooth collaboration with suppliers, contractors and installation engineers, who will take a critical look at the solutions, and who will keep risks, deadlines and the budget all under control. With such a partner, you can be sure of higher-quality solutions with lower failure costs, and a more efficient process.

Structures Projects

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Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

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