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Traffic, Mobility studies and Intelligent Transport Systems

Traffic, Mobility studies and Intelligent Transport Systems

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Laura Rey
Laura Rey Head of Infrastructure Management
Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

Traffic, Mobility and ITS

Growing needs in mobility raises the demand for improved traffic management methods. In order to control and supervise this growth in a sustainable manner, it is essential to streamline urban and interurban transport management by developing innovative systems aimed at improving smarter mobility.

We provide highly specialized consulting services to guide our clients in the fields of road infrastructure and operational management.

Data collection

The availability, relevance and accuracy of traffic data are key to increase efficiency and reduce congestion in strategic points.  We have extensive experience on the installation and recovery of traffic data from traffic counters, inductive loop detectors, GPS, cameras, bluetooth and drones as well as on integrating this data to obtain continuous and self-calibrated road network information.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Over the last few decades, roadway authorities have been introducing technological measures via ITS in order to interact with drivers and cars and collect relevant and useful data.

As a differential aspect in this field, we combine planning, design and engineering, knowledge with our experience in technologies applied to transport, which has led to numerous designs, studies and urban and interurban ITS projects, both nationally and internationally.

Our expertise in the development of ITS solutions focuses on four areas: ITS applied to urban environments, interurban environments, ITS in tunnels and ITS in public transport.

Technology solutions

The growth in data is fuelling the need for advanced traffic management solutions. Our systems centralize all collected data and directly display it with all relevant variables.

The purpose is to analyze this data and draw objective and justifiable conclusions that facilitate the decision-making process for roadway operators, concession operators, local authorities, and other stakeholders.

Traffic, Mobility and ITS
Traffic, Mobility and ITS


The main purpose of traffic management systems and ITS is to allow quick and efficient mobilisation of response teams to incidents, providing real-time traffic data across agencies, authorities and concession management entities.

In regards to this point, it is interesting to note the technical assistance that we provide to Traffic Management Centers, where the following tasks are highlighted:

  • Monitoring of traffic of the entire road network, supervising traffic changes on all roads and detecting and following up on any traffic incidents that may occur.
  • Management of mobility in accesses to large cities and establishment of specific traffic management measures to deal with different events involving massive traffic flows.
  • Preparation of studies on the evolution of average traffic speeds, traffic intensities, and long-distance movements.
  • Coordination with other national and international traffic administrative bodies by participating in European Union working groups and technical forums.

Transport & Mobility

Within this category of services we provide support our clients with the aim of making the adequate functionality of an infrastructure objective , for which we offer solutions:

  • Traffic studies of new infrastructures for information studies, design or construction projects.
  • Studies to improve mobility in urban and metropolitan areas.
  • Analysis of levels of service and capacity for new hubs that attract traffic using specific simulation software.

Transport planning

Planning is the first key point in achieving good results. When we plan we are able to anticipate possible difficulties, analyze various alternatives and choose the most convenient solution.

Within this section, we have created urban mobility plans, accessibility plans and road plans, with the aim of improving people's mobility.

Road safety

We are committed to reducing the number of victims and accidents. To this end, we provide all types of road safety services, analyzing all aspects that can influence them: accident data, human factor, road elements and traffic and weather conditions, with special attention to the most vulnerable users (pedestrians and cyclists).

In this context we carry out road safety audits, plans and strategies, calculation of accident concentration sections and road safety inspections, giving a positive impact on  road safety improvement.

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Traffic, Mobility and ITS Projects

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Laura Rey
Laura Rey Head of Infrastructure Management
Carlos Martínez Bustelo
Carlos Martínez Bustelo International and Business Development Director

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