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Water Stewardship

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Natalya Holm
Natalya Holm Senior Project Manager

Water stewardship from Global Strategy through Local Implementation

Water represents various complex challenges across your operations —whether there is too little, too much, or too polluted. We at Antea Group understand current water concerns and translate our global hydrology, ecology and environmental knowledge into solutions that make your business more sustainable and resilient to water challenges, while protecting the livelihoods of future generations. 

Antea Group, an AWS Member

As an Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) member, Antea Group contributes to the sustainability of local water resources through the AWS Standard adoption. We support your organization by implementing a common, independently verifiable, multi-stakeholder-inclusive standard for water stewardship.

Our global network of credentialed AWS practitioners helps companies navigate this robust and comprehensive model. From collecting data on shared water challenges to communicating and disclosing a site’s water stewardship accomplishments, we can help you through all 5 steps of the AWS Standard. We understand how to apply the AWS criterion as well as how to guide companies in addressing gaps between existing policies and water management strategies.

Unlock your company's potential for responsible water stewardship with our expert AWS Standard Consultancy services.

  • Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Mitigate Water Risks
  • Drive Efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Enhance Reputation and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Collective Impact
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Water stewardship from Global Strategy through Local Implementation
Water stewardship from Global Strategy through Local Implementation

Our Global Water Stewardship Services

Our industry-leading global network of water experts assist clients with understanding, prioritizing and managing water-related business risks and opportunities. Our proven approach lets us be your neutral, trusted advisor, providing unbiased analyses and recommendations that help you manage risk, save costs, and grow revenue.

At the corporate level, we can help you define your commitment and plan out your roadmap to water stewardship and security; at the operational level we can help you optimize your facilities and establish business resiliency; and at the watershed level we can help you truly understand your context and collaborate for increased water security.

Our team is focused on ensuring you are strategically invested in the longer-term water security for communities where you operate, and in the growth, reputation and sustainability of your business.

Water risks and opportunity screens

Efficiently evaluate and prioritize water risk by facility and risk category (physical, regulatory, social/reputational) using a cost-effective defined workbook tool. Includes a portfolio matrix and individual facility risk profiles.

Product and Brand Water Footprints

Build resiliency through an understanding of a product or brand’s current water intensity and defined hotspots, including a summary of recommendations to make the product or brand more resilient.  

Facility Optimization

Understand your facility’s water use and build a prioritized list of optimization opportunities with ROI (payback) calculations. 

Watershed Assessment / Source Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)

A comprehensive understanding of current and projected watershed conditions with a prioritized list of opportunities for protecting water sources and engaging the community to achieve water security.

Water Security Collaborations

Fit-for-client collaboration opportunities that are designed and implemented for maximum effectiveness and business value.

Corporate Water Strategy

Create a roadmap of specific actions to develop a comprehensive water strategy based on defined gaps and opportunities for leadership and business value. 

Water Policy & Commitment

Craft a public, customized commitment to water stewardship and security that can be shared with employees, customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders.

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Natalya Holm
Natalya Holm Senior Project Manager

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