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Solid waste management consulting

Solid waste management consulting

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Philippe Cleyet-Merle
Philippe Cleyet-Merle Deputy International Director

Solid waste management consulting

The growth of urban populations, the increase in industrial goods consumption, and hence the diversification of the solid waste stream, impose the characterization of solid waste, the optimization of waste collection, the rationalization of recycling sites, and the search for more efficient collection and disposal techniques concerning regulations and the environment.

Solid waste management plans

Integrated waste management plans are the appropriate tool for a constructive upstream and downstream approach, to guarantee waste management control while protecting the environment and increasing the quality of life of local communities. Antea Group helps you with detailed studies and project owner assistance, from the characterization of solid waste, the development of solutions to prevent and reduce the waste stream, the organization of optimized waste stream collection, the determination of the best collection and elimination processes, to the assistance in the negotiation of service contracts, in applications for permits, awareness raising, staff training, and communication with the governmental or local authorities.

Waste storage and landfills

Waste disposal conditions require the use of storage facilities for both non-hazardous and hazardous waste, in addition to energy or raw material recovery processes.

After characterizing the waste deposit, Antea Group experts select the sites which are suitable for waste storage, considering many parameters, including geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations. They make the permit applications, assessing environmental impacts and health risks.

Old landfill sites must be brought into compliance with environmental regulations in order to protect the environment and water resources. Our teams can deliver remediation studies to ensure the regulatory compliance of operating sites.

Beyond construction or remediation works project management, our engineers can carry out revegetation and landscape integration studies.

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Solid waste management consulting

Waste recovery and treatment

In order to achieve the ever-increasing regulatory objectives in terms of organic and non-organic material recycling, it becomes necessary to implement innovative solutions that are both time scalable, flexible and specific.

Our know-how covers solutions combining material recycling, biological treatment with composting and methanisation, stabilization of waste though the use of bioreactors or mechanical biological treatment. Using those technologies will not only increase recycling rates but also make it possible to recover biofuel.

Biological waste valorization

Biological valorization of waste is an answer to several challenges that both industry and communities face. It removes part of the solid waste from the usual storage and incineration facilities and produces biogas that can be converted into electricity, thus reducing the energy bill.

For that, Antea Group engineers work out the cost and profitability of operations, assess the local energy demand and the local agricultural demand for organic soil conditioners or crop supports for the future use of composts or digestate. They help choose the most suitable technology for your projects: anaerobic digestion, fast composting, etc. 

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Philippe Cleyet-Merle
Philippe Cleyet-Merle Deputy International Director

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