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Brownfield development

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Tom D'Haeyer
Tom D'Haeyer Business Development Manager

Brownfield development

The redevelopment of abandoned industrial sites is of strategic interest in local economic regeneration and sustainable development.

Antea Group is engaged in a wide range of services focusing on brownfield redevelopment and its challenges:

  • Development of strategic and operational projects
  • Control of urban sprawl and loss in natural soil use and structure
  • Health and environmental risk prevention

From securing projects to project engineering

We assist different stakeholders in reconversion activities ranging from securing operations to project engineering. We help them to identify opportunities and threats, manage uncertainties related to these types of operations, describe the different procedures that can be applied and identify sources of funding:

  • Preliminary studies and pilot tests
  • Provide assistance to project owner or fully supervise projects for waste collection, demolition, asbestos removal, lead removal, building and soil decontamination operations.
  • Identification of possible reuse of materials from demolition operations or soil excavation.
  • Feasibility studies for renewable energy production or stormwater management

Procedures and administrative files

Sustainable Redevelopment

The purpose of our range of services for industrial brownfield redevelopment is to optimize and secure measures for upgrading and changing the use of brownfield sites and if necessary by pragmatically and operationally adapting planned works and developments.

At Antea Group, we believe in the power of brownfield redevelopment to revitalize communities, drive economic growth, and create lasting environmental benefits. We integrate climate-resilient design principles and sustainable practices to create developments that are adaptive to climate change impacts and mitigate future risks. Our proven track record and commitment to excellence make us the partner of choice for clients seeking to unlock the value of brownfield properties.

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Tom D'Haeyer
Tom D'Haeyer Business Development Manager